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12th March - 2018

Tish and Brett are a brother and sister team, who have a wonderful historic farm called Millbrook Yallingup which has been in the family for 40yrs. With rustic charm and historic buildings all around it is the perfect place to have a wedding ceremony, celebrations or event, with breathtaking views all around it is a photographers dream location.


8th August - 2017

Everlyn came to me wanting to brand the business she recently bought, which was a local take away, situated in the Busselton LIA. I knew exactly what the design should look like. Bright bold colours that grabbed your attending as you drove by. With clean simple graphic elements to catch your eye.


23rd July - 2017

Mel and Jamie came to me wanting to rebrand her business from Cape Marquees to Cape Events.  Mel wanted a fresh new look for her business with a touch of style and elegance to her theme, which worked out very nicely with the new brand colours of gold and blue hues as seen below.


1st June - 2017

Alex and Rebecca came to me wanting a custom design logo for their stunning historic home which has been in Alex’s family for many years. Rebecca wanted a tree to represent the brand, as the roots of the tree run deep into the ground symbolising strength and deep roots of family history with love for the home and each other. Rebecca and Alex were very happy with the end result of their logo for Fairlawn Estate.


14th February - 2017

Creative Living by Gabrielle Sustainable Building Designer. South West of WA Lover of organic materials, timber, stone and all things with character! 
I knew exactly how I wanted Gabrielle’s branding to represent her business. Feminine, strong and creative, which sums up Gabrielle to a tee.


8TH August - 2016

Sophie’s passion started when she tried Hot Yoga and then after trying new styles she fell in love with Vinyasa from the creativity and flow. I love leaving a class learning something new about anatomy or myself. That is my vision for my teaching too, to leave students with that same feeling.” I put together a mood board below to help us develop a solid foundation for her brand colours and style, which has a coastal feel, with a cool, colourful, modern edge.


2nd December - 2015

Hannah a very talented young makeup artist came to me, wanting a new design for her business that reflect her creativity and style, selecting a colour pallet of pink hues, gold and black which are timeless and classical.


15TH MAY - 2015

Let me start by saying this was a fun project to work on, I wanted this little chap to be bright, bold, sophisticated, fun and with a hipster twist. Appealing to the young and old, as this little character will be traveling on a food truck van around the South West of WA.


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