Google Your Business

Are you wondering why your business site is not showing up, have you registered your business with Google my Business?

Well if you haven't you are missing out on potential customers for your business. Everyone uses Google to find just about everything, from buying online or staying in the best places in the region. The common catch phrase now is "Just Google It" long gone are the days now where you hear "Not Happy Jan" when poor Jan forgot to place her add in the yellow pages for the year. You don't have to wait a year with Google my Business you just register online and make updates when you want. Updating your images is also important as the search engine shows potential customers what is happening  at that time.

So if you are not registered with Google my Business now is the time. It will only take you a few minutes and most importantly make sure your business information is accurate, which is a common mistake people do, another important tip is to make sure your photos are up to date, sharp and not blurred or out of focus ( I CAN'T STAND OUT OF FOCUS IMAGES!!!), ok with that of my chest. Your business shop front is now on the world wide web, so you want your customers to see your business clearly when they come to your premises which now will be so easy to find.